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Taking the "Holistic Approach" To Payments Innovation

When it comes to electronic card payments, driving demand among consumers and businesses can take a great deal of innovation. Read more about this approach.


As electronic payment card innovators,

we create, package and service card solutions that optimize payer value.
• Payer and Payee Web Portals
• Virtual Card Delivery
• Mobile Device Activation
• B2B Workflow Platform
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Store Financial develops innovative, private-label payment card solutions for corporate payers that want to utilize programs like incentive, loyalty, gift, promotional, and disbursement cards. We do this by enabling redemption, controlling the use of the card, and automating the settlement of funds – all without the need for POS integration or IT development, saving our clients precious time and money.

Supplier Payments

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Check our website regularly for industry news, product announcements, client updates and best practices from Store Financial. We cover electronic card payment innovations, prepaid programs, mobile solutions, commercial payment trends, and much more.

A new article by our CEO, Eric Mettemeyer, has been posted by! You can check out "TRICKS TO SPOT HIDDEN COSTS IN PAYMENTS PROCESSING" here or listen to the podcast below.

Partner News

MetaBank® announces partnership with Store Financial

MetaBank's payment solutions division, Meta Payment Systems®, has recently signed an agreement to partner with Store Financial, a Kansas-based company that provides electronic-card-payment innovations, prepaid programs, mobile solutions and commercial payments. Meta will provide sponsorship to Store Financial for its solutions provided to corporations and consumers. MetaBank President Brad Hanson said that Store Financial’s drive toward innovative solutions for clients fits well with MetaBank’s own goals. “We are always striving to help our partners, clients and cardholders have the most streamlined, optimum experience with our products and services," he said. “And Store Financial has a similar take on these valued relationships.” Store Financial CEO Eric Mettemeyer said that partnership with MetaBank will only enhance the company’s existing level of service. “Working with MetaBank will provide us new opportunities to build and develop services and support for our customers,” he said. “The partnership will allow us to offer the results our corporate and consumer clients are accustomed to and then some.”


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June 17, 2015 - Tricks to Spot Hidden Costs In Payments Processing (Part 2)

an interview featuring Eric Mettemeyer [Read More]

June 17, 2015 - Tricks to Spot Hidden Costs In Payments Processing (Part 2)

an interview featuring Eric Mettemeyer [Read More]


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